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20910 Redwood Road Suite D 

Castro Valley, CA 94546



W Stuart M.
Belmont, CA

I wanted a diesel pickup truck and Aaron was recommended to me. Aaron was really great to work with and well worth the drive from Belmont to Castro Valley.  He found me one good deal, but it turned out to have an undisclosed problem. He immediately returned it to the dealer.  He then found me a fine low mileage Dodge Ram 2500 HD diesel, negotiated some minor repairs, and had it inspected by light diesel specialists.

Even tho I am a professional mechanic, I am retired and don't have the health anymore to be going around checking out vehicles. While I sat at home, Aaron kept me posted on everything and did all the work for me at a very reasonable price. The truck is just what I wanted and I am enjoying the truck very much. When I need another car, I will have Aaron find it for me and let him take care of all the hassles.

Thanks very much, Aaron