​Base Broker Fees

a.  Base Broker Fee for Services. Customer agrees to pay a set retainer fee of $250       for Broker’s services.   This amount is due in advance, and is payable in

     addition to the cost of the vehicle and the purchase fee to be paid by the

     customer at   the   time of purchase.  Services on the Customer’s behalf 

     commence immediately upon execution of this Agreement by the Parties. 

     Therefore, the $250 fee is fully earned at the time this Agreement is executed.

     However, the retainer $250 Find-It Fee will be refunded back to

     customer when vehicle is purchased from Aaron’s Auto Brokerage & Sales.

b.  Total Vehicle Costs.  The Customer will be responsible for all the following

     costs and fees at the time of vehicle delivery to them:

    “All fees are based on budget set by customer”

​              * The actual purchase price of the vehicle paid to the sales facility;
              * Any sales facility charges (buy fee, etc.);
              * A 5.5% Broker’s fee (Minimum $950.00);
              * Any transportation, inspection, reconditioning or maintenance charges;
              * All standard documentary, license, titling and smog fees .



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