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20910 Redwood Road Suite D 

Castro Valley, CA 94546



                              * Tell me your budget.

                              * Decide what type of vehicle you want.

I will                             
                              * Look for a vehicle that comes close to

                                 or matches your wish list*

                             * Determine the vehicle’s condition,                                                 collect
its available history and take                                               pictures to show you.

You decide                    
                             * If this vehicle meets your standards.

If you say ‘Yes’             
                             * I’ll purchase the vehicle at

                                cost (passing the savings on to you).

                             * Have the vehicle fully inspected, take                                           care of any warranty or recall items,                                             and fix or replace anything not up

                                to par.**

                             * I’ll have it detailed.

                             * Arrange financing if needed.

                             * Complete all DMV Paperwork.

Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales